Shutterstreet at Palazzo Carignano, Turin



This ongoing installation is a corridor made of closed down shop-shutters. It replicates a shopping street of closed down shops, where small businesses appear to have ceased their activities due to failing competition against larger brands and the internet.

As part of this work, I gradually collect shop-shutters by both buying them in second-hand markets and by offering shop-owners new shutters in exchange for their old ones.

The aesthetic aspect and the physical presence of the closed down shutters is the subject of this work. Taken as a symbol, they recreate in the space of this installation the image of a global phenomenon.

Installation view of Shutterstreet (Tokyo) in the exhibition “Foreshadows”, at Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, Tokyo, 2019

Shop-shutter, hand-written notes on scraps
240 x 160 x 36 cm

Photo: TAKAHASHI Kenji
Courtesy Tokyo Arts and Space

Shutterstreet (Tokyo) is the first shop shutter to enter the ongoing installation Shutterstreet.

Handwritten notes are attached to the shop shutter, expressing messages of gratitude and appreciation, written by former customers of the closed-down business (a second-hand bookstore called “Riverside”), and revealing anecdotes of its fading-away reality.

Shutterstreet (Tokyo), 2019

Photo: TAKAHASHI Kenji
Courtesy Tokyo Arts and Space

Installation view, Tokyo Arts and Space Hongo, Tokyo, 2019

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