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The Island Behind The Horizon, 2015

In November 2015, I travelled to a location at sea that I identified as a limit line. This video shows the position at sea where the island of Lampedusa is completely hidden behind the horizon by the curvature of the earth.

The work originated from the desire to create a counter image with respect to the photographs documenting that moment when asylum-seekers are being rescued at sea. Those pictures are often taken from a high vantage point.
Adopting the standpoint of an observer at sea, I sought to point out the human condition of moving toward a desired future that is far (behind) in the distance, in a situation of complete uncertainty.

The main subjects in the video are the observer behind the camera and the island behind the horizon.

The Island Behind The Horizon 2015
HD video, colour/sound, projected
11 min. 19 sec., looped

This nautical chart was made in order to identify in an exact way the distance to the island from the point of view of an observer at sea.
The chart features a geography of uncertainty, because it only shows those elements that are subject to variations: the deepness of the sea and three horizons.

The Island Behind The Horizon (Nautical chart indicating the greatest distance at which an observer at sea can see the top of the island of Lampedusa above the horizon), 2015

Offset print on paper, framed
141 x 100 cm
Photo: Maurizio Elia