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Non-relational objects, 2010-onwards

Architecture, public spaces, monuments and collective identity: these are the recurring themes in the work of the artist, which analyzes the paradoxes and liminal spaces that emerge when the idea of relation and the need, inherent in human culture, to create collective spaces clashes with issues of integration and social coexistence.

The "Non-relational objects" series, began in 2010, is inspired by real episodes of relational spaces that have become inaccessible, such as benches, the use of which is denied to specific ethnic minorities by other citizens. Through these installation, Caldana explores the plastic possibilities involved in creating these absurdities, laying the emphasis on political and social problems.

Non-relational objects, 2018
Silkscreen on safety glass
7 glass-sheets leaning against the wall; each: 135 x 80 x 0.8 cm

Texts by Elisa Caldana
Design by Ted Hyunhak Yoon

Documentation at MAMbo Museum, Bologna, 2018

Elisa Caldana, Piazza Tirana, 2018
Elisa Caldana, Capital City, 2018