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In Another Country, 2013

In Another Country is a performance that reenacts the encounter with a man who lost his wife, house, and job. While staring at nothing but the empty space in front of him, the performer speaks steadily to himself.

Through his narrative, he reveals to be an immigrant who failed to integrate into his host country; a voyeur doubting his own sexuality through sexual perversion; a professional psychologist, now analyzing his own madness.

The script developed from memory, based on the original encounter with a stranger that took place at the central underground station in Frankfurt am Main in 2013.

Download the script

In Another Country, 2013
1 hour

Untitled, 2013

Untitled defines the space and circumstances where the performance In Another Country takes place. The object is a copy of the bench where the man and I were sitting during the encounter.

The original bench was comprised of eight individual seats that were fixed to the support structure with screws through sixteen enlarged screw holes.

I have made the sixteen holes through and along the support structure ready to receive the bench seats which are not available. In this work, I wanted to preserve the essential support structure, and to do both an act of construction and an act of subtraction.

Untitled, 2013
Painted iron
391 x 24.5 x 41 cm

Documentation of the performance
Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin 2016

Documentation of the show Jahresausstellung - Städelschule, Frankfurt a.M. 2013
with works by Clémentine Coupau & Rasmus Søndergaard Johannsen